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Diabetic peripheral neuropathy is a common diabetes complication that can lead to loss of sensation on the foot and eventual amputation. While treatment of these conditions is quite expensive, it can be avoided with early identification and intervention. That is where Neuropen comes in.

Neuropen is a dual purpose peripheral neuropathy screening device that provides both pressure and sharpness tests. It is the simplest means to test both the large and small nerve fibres in the foot. It also helps regular foot screening, symptomatic and clinical assessments.

Neuropen is the first pocket-size, dual-purpose device for a safe and reliable test. It delivers 10g of pressure to test the sensation in large nerve fibres and a 40g sharpness test to assess reduced sensation. 

USL Medical has a great range of neuropens and neurotips. The neuropen comes complete with a monofilament, neurotip and comprehensive user instructions.