Sports Tape

Sports Tape

In recent years, sports have embraced the use of medically beneficial sports tapes. You can't have missed the tapes on the athletes' legs, arms, and torsos if you follow sports like the Olympics. The Kinesio tapes are what they're called.

The athletes can be all about fashion from a regular viewing of the tapes. The medical benefits of these tapes, such as reducing inflammation and alleviating pain, relaxing muscles, and improving performance, are what most people are interested in using them. Also, they can be used to aid in recovery after a sporting event and support muscles.

The adhesive nature of the medical sports tapes minimizes skin irritation. It is possible to wear them for up to five days because of their excellent adhesion and wearability characteristics. The material has a high elasticity of up to 160 percent to accommodate different body shapes and sizes.

Our sports tapes at USL Medical can be customized to meet your specific requirements depending on the situation. Among the many available tapes and bandages are kinesiology, rigid tapes, and elastic adhesive bandages.

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