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Sports Tape

Sports Tape

Sports in recent times have embraced the sports tapes which are believed to come with medical benefits. If you follow active sports like the Olympics then you must not have missed the strips of tapes on the athletes’ legs, arms and torso. They are called the Kinesio tape.

From a regular view of the tapes, it can seem as though the athletes are all about fashion. However, most dorn these tapes due to their medical benefits like reducing inflammation, alleviating pain, relaxing muscles and enhancing performance. They can also be used for rehabilitation and support muscles during and after a sporting event.

The medical sports tapes are adhesive hence reducing skin irritation. They come with good adhering and wearability features which means they can be worn for up to five days. The high elasticity of up to 160% allows for adjustability and does not put pressure on the body.

At USL Medical, we have a wide range of sports tapes to use depending on needs. We have the elastic adhesive bandage, insulation tapes, underwrap, rigid tape and kinesiology tape.

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