Scalpel Handles & Blades

Scalpel Handles & Blades

The right scalpel serves as an extension of the hand when it comes to delicate surgical incisions, amputations, skin grafts and other procedures. That’s why surgeons and other healthcare providers need to have a wide range of very high-quality scalpel blades and handles available whenever they are needed.

USL Medical supplies a full range of surgical scalpel blades and handles to medical practitioners across NZ and Australia. Whether you’re running a surgical department, clinic or an entire hospital, our wide range of scalpels from various manufacturers will support your team even in the most delicate procedures.

Our experts at USL Medical have thoroughly researched these products due to the vital role they play in delicate procedures. We ensure that the best materials and consistent quality are maintained in every batch.

Leading brands and products we supply include Swann Morton scalpel blades, scalpel handles, skin graft blades and stitch cutters as well as relevant products from other manufacturers.

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