Arm Sleeves

Arm Sleeves

Medical conditions like lymphedema or injuries and post-surgery recovery can mean a wide range of symptoms like swelling, heaviness, achiness and restricted movement. Compression arm sleeves can help relieve you from some of these ailments.

Compression arm sleeves are designed to put gradual pressure on the affected area, pushing the fluids from it. It reduces aching and swelling allowing you to be more comfortable during your usual activities.

You can use arm compression sleeves when undertaking normal activities like driving, fishing, playing games and more. Their unisex design means they can be worn by both males and females and can be used at all times. 

Compression arm sleeves stand out due to the seamless knitting technology and quality fabrics that make them lightweight for everyday use and durable for long term use. They are ideal for preventing and treating lymphedema, managing lymph outflow disorder, swelling from breast cancer and radiation therapy burns.

USL Medical stocks some of the most trusted brands of compression arm sleeves, used throughout the world.