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Endoscopic Examination

Endoscopic Examination

An endoscopy procedure is the non-surgical examination of a patient’s interior digestive tract. It involves the use of endoscopy instruments for the procedure and post-procedure care. Endoscopic examinations are used in several fields of medicine like proctology, laryngology, gynaecology, gastroenterology and more.

The endoscopic examination enables the doctor to find out what they would not see with the other imaging tools like CT or ultrasound. It is especially useful in cases where the doctor suspects a patient has cancer. With endoscopic examination, the doctor can histopathologically examine a specimen and assess the cell structure to determine any malignant changes. 

In the modern medical field, there are multiple devices used for a successful endoscopic examination. USL Medical has all these devices which you can access depending on your needs.

Whether you are looking for lighting systems, sigmoidoscopes or anoscopes used in the endoscopic examination, USL Medical has high-quality solutions trusted by practitioners everywhere.