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Casting tapes and products are ideal for supporting and aiding the healing process. They help keep the healing body part in place until it heals completely.  The casting tapes are better than splints given they offer more support and protection for the injured or broken limbs.

There are various casting choices such as fibreglass, polyester and gypsum. Whichever material they are made from, the casting tapes are easily moldable to fit the shape of the body part that needs protection

The casting tapes are also ideal for protecting various body parts during post-surgery recovery. They are applied around the healing part to avoid swelling and can be replaced after some time once the pain subsides. 

The casting tapes also protect the body from contamination as it guards against water and moisture contact. They are also comfortable and lightweight hence allowing for easy movement and faster recovery as it allows skin breathability. 

If you are looking to purchase casting tapes you are on the right site. USL Medical has an amazing collection of casting tapes at competitive prices.