Impregnated Bandage

Impregnated Bandage

Impregnated bandages are wound dressings or strips saturated with an emulsion, oil or any solution or agent or compound. Some of the most commonly used agents include oil, salts, zinc, salin and xeroform. 

The additional compound makes the impregnated bandages useful in wound management. Most of the compounds are antibacterial hence they help avoid contamination. They come with osmotic effects which draw harmful bacteria from the wound. It is also ideal for minting the right moisture level in the wound environment for proper healing. 

Using the impregnated bandage is straightforward. Once you remove it from the outer packet, you remove the clear films then apply it to either side of the wound. You can then opt for a secondary dressing of choice depending on the nature of the wound. 

Remember that the patient might feel discomfort when using the impregnated bandage due to the compound used. However, the discomfort will subside as the skin gets used to the agent. 

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