Patient Monitors

Patient Monitors

Patient monitoring systems are an integral part of hospital and emergency care, used to monitor and review the vital physiological state of a patient. It monitors the patient’s oxygen saturation in blood, respiration, body temperature, blood pressure and more.

A patient monitor is where all the information from the monitoring system is relayed. It is connected to various sensing devices that relay information about the patient’s physiological state. It also has an alarm that goes off in case immediate attention is needed. This ensures high-quality medical care delivery.

The patient monitor can be wall-mounted or portable. Some also have touch screens and built-in rechargeable batteries. Some also have massive storage capabilities that help with quick patient information retrieval.

With the number of patient monitor options in the market, you can always purchase one based on the size of your healthcare facility, the medical practices you operate and your budget.

USL Medical has a wide range of quality patient monitors to choose from, sourced from reputable leaders in the market and trusted by health practitioners all over New Zealand.