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Eye Examinations

When discussing eye examinations, most people automatically only think about the procedure for prescribing glasses. However, optometrists can detect various things from your eyes and even some that might affect your general health. Through eye examination, the doctor can detect various conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and other neurological conditions like brain tumours.

There is a lot of equipment involved in a comprehensive eye examination which in most cases patients find surprising. Some of the common eye examination equipment includes a retinal camera to photograph the back of the eye and document eye diseases, the phoropter to measure refractive error and to determine eyeglass prescriptions, a slit lamp for close eye examination and a tonometer for measuring the pressure of the eye.

The list of equipment used for an eye examination varies and you might need more or less depending on the eye condition and the extent of the examination.

For a medical practice, you need a variety of tools for eye examinations to cover all your bases to deliver proper patient diagnosis. Buy all your eye examination devices online with USL Medical, a trusted supplier for healthcare providers across New Zealand and Australia.