It is essential to have all the maternity consumables you need or might need in birthing rooms when the time comes. USL Medical brings you a complete range of maternity consumables and supplies at unbeatable prices.

From single-use maternity instruments such as forceps to supplies such as latex gloves and disinfectant wipes - our selection of maternity consumables covers every need and requirement. We also bring you maternity equipment such as baby scales, stethoscopes, sphygmomanometers and more.

Given how important a hygienic and sterile environment is during birth, a large part of our maternity supplies are devoted to cleaning and disinfectant supplies. We have a collection of hand sanitiser gels, disinfectant wipes, surface disinfectants and more.

In particular, these disinfectant products are chosen by our expert team for their mild non-irritating composition. We also have lubricating creams and barrier creams for skin protection and conditioning, all containing no latex, chlorhexidine or other potentially allergenic compounds.

Whatever you needs for maternity consumables, order them from USL Medical and get special discounts on bulk orders.