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A shoulder immobilizer is a  general medical immobilization device used in case of shoulder dislocation or post-surgery recovery. The immobilizer reduces abduction and arm rotation and offers warmth healing to the injured shoulders. 

There are multiple types of shoulder support used to manage various conditions. They can be used for arm fractures, broken collar bone, shoulder freezing or dislocation, and many more.

The different shoulder support systems mean one can choose the ideal depending on the condition. For example, one can opt for the mobilizer that allows for movements, or they can opt for the one to use when confined in bed. Either way, they will get optimum support. 

Generally, the ideal shoulder support should provide multiple-way immobilization. It should also be well ventilated to allow for moisture management and comfort. A sleek and smart option also goes a long way in boosting the patient’s confidence hence faster healing.

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