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Nasal Tampons

Nasal Tampons

Epistaxis is one of the most common emergency care needs in a medical facility. In most cases, nose bleeding is a common occurrence that will stop after a few first aid procedures. However, there are cases when it is persistent hence calling for an elaborate medical procedure.

The severity of the epistaxis depends on the source of the bleeding. For example, for an arterial nasal passage, you only need to pinch the nose for around 10minutes to stop the bleeding. However, for the external nasal passage, you might have to first identify the source of bleeding before placing a nasal tampon to stop it.

While the nasal tampons are ideal for stopping persistent nasal bleeding, you have to be aware of some of the risks it comes with such as injury to the nasal mucosa, infections like toxic shock syndrome and rebleeding when the pack is removed. To avoid these concerns, you need top-quality nasal tampons.

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