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The Seldinger technique was invented by a Swedish radiologist named Seldinger. It is a medical procedure that enables healthcare professionals to access blood vessels and hollow organs safely repeatedly. The procedure entails puncturing the cavity or vessel with a sharp hollow needle, and Ultrasounds may help guide the procedure. The procedure can be used to place central venous catheters, chest drains, PEG tubes, and artificial pacemakers, among other things.

 At USL Medical, we understand how critical it is to maintain the highest precision and efficiency during the Seldinger Procedure. You'll find a wide variety of Seldinger devices in our online store, including tools and accessories for different types of medical procedures. Because of this ease of use and increased accuracy, our products are highly regarded.

Seldinger packs are available for purchase at USL Medical, designed for specific applications. Whatever type of drainage pack you're looking for, whether it's a chest drain pack or a multipurpose drainage pack, you'll find it here. Each pack is designed to meet a specific need or requirement. Look through our product selection to find what you're looking for, for your ill patient.

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