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Infusion Pumps

Infusion Pumps

An infusion pump is a medical device used to deliver controlled amounts of medications and nutrients into a patient’s body. They can be used to deliver a variety of critical fluids like nutrients, pain relievers, antibiotics and chemotherapy.

Infusion pumps can be used in any medical facility from hospitals to nursing homes and even in residential areas. It needs to be operated by a trained user who sets the rate and period of fluid delivery using built-in software.

USL Medical has a wide selection of infusion pumps and accessories that can work in any clinical setting. We have programmable infusion pumps with precise control of fluid rate and delivery. These systems come with alerts and alarms that go off in case of occlusion in the tubing. We also have smart pumps with forewarning capabilities in case of adverse drug interaction and other safety concerns.

Browse through our range of infusion pumps and accessories from some of the most trusted brands in the market.