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Scar Management

Scars are the marks that remain on the skin after a wound, sore, or burn has healed. Scars can be visible or hidden as they are a symptom of an incomplete healing process. They develop due to the formation of fibrous connective tissue in the body. Scars can be managed or treated in a variety of ways. In addition to surgical treatments, scar creams, ointments, and silicone sheets, work to flatten your scars.

At USL Medical, we provide a comprehensive selection of topical scar treatment options. Our scar-flattening products include silicone sheets and scar-reducing ointments designed to help flatten scars and minimize their appearance.

Our products are created to be simple to use while still delivering excellent results. We've done the legwork to bring you the highest-quality scar management products from the industry's most reputable manufacturers. You can shop with complete confidence when you shop with us.

 Start shopping now and get rid of or reduce the appearance of those scars with the best quality products.