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Contact Layer

Contact Layer

When applying a dressing to a wound, it's critical that the dressing not stick to the skin. When the dressing is removed, it can injure the wound site and the surrounding skin. Infection and other problems can occur if the wound or skin is damaged somehow. The purpose of contact layer dressing is to keep the dressing from adhering to the wound or skin.

A thin, non-adhesive sheet is used to cover the wound. Perforated or woven material is used to make it. It serves as a link between the dressing and the wound by directly contacting the skin. Contact layer dressings protect the delicate healing tissue layer by preventing newly formed tissue from adhering to the dressing.

USL Medical has a wide selection of contact layer dressings for you to choose from. Contact layer dressings from some of the most popular brands are available in our selection. As far as performance is concerned, our dressings are the best in the business. Our dressings are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. ' In addition to protecting wounds, they also ensure that all dressings and packing materials are removed from the wound site.

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