Washable Underwear and Pads

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Washable Underwear and Pads

Experiencing urinary incontinence can be stressful for patients and often makes them avoid life's daily activities. Specially designed washable underwear and pads help ease such anxieties, restoring freedom in the lives of patients.

There are several brands of stylish reusable pants and colourful pads that help patients lead a normal life. While being stylish, these undergarments do not compromise the absorbency levels.

They come with easy wash and wear properties that make them ideal for discreet packaging and wear. The washable undergarments are designed with soft and secure absorption features and have waterproof layers to stop any leakages. They are also durable as they can be washed frequently before getting worn out. 

Incontinence undergarments come in various sizes to fit any patient and are available for both men and women. With them, patients will be able to live their lives to the fullest, staying comfortable, active and secure.