Anatomically Shaped Pads

Anatomically Shaped Pads

Anatomically shaped pads allow patients with incontinence to retain their dignity and enjoy their lives comfortably. Shaped to the body’s contours, these incontinence products allow the wearer a discreet and very comfortable experience. 

USL Medical supplies a wide variety of anatomically-shaped incontinence pads designed to blend into body contours. These are applicable for light to very heavy incontinence, depending on the product and its manufacturer. 

As part of our commitment towards quality, USL Medical supplies only leading brands when it comes to anatomically-shaped incontinence pads. One of these is MoliCare, whose Premium Form pads are perfect for moderate to very heavy incontinence. 

These pads ensure a snug fit with soft materials, stay-dry technology and are wearable with either incontinence briefs or tight-fitting underwear. Used both by men and women for all kinds of incontinence, anatomically-shaped pads ensure the highest levels of hygiene, skin protection and security.

Whether you’re looking for these premium disposable continence pads or thinner pads for light incontinence, our range of products are ones you can trust.