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Safety Pins

As simple as they are, safety pins are an important consumable in healthcare and all medical facilities. Used whenever two different materials need to be held together as in bandages or slings, these pins are an easy and safe fastener. Frequently found in first aid and safety kits, they are easily available for order at USL Medical.

As a supplier that works with healthcare facilities in both Australia and New Zealand, USL Medical is finely attuned to your needs as a healthcare professional and/or administrator. We are committed to delivering the high-quality products that your patients and facility needs.

Our stainless steel safety pins are as good as they get, designed for maximum safety and durability. They will not snap, corrode or bend too easily making them ideal for the healthcare environment.

Safety pins can be ordered in various sizes and applications including sizes 1 (27mm) - 3 (51mm). They come in resealable pouches of 12 pins each and our wholesale pricing makes them perfect to order in bulk.