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Obstetrics and gynaecology is the medical branch that focuses on the care of pregnant women, the unborn child and diseases specific to women. It combines both medicine and surgery and is ideal for areas like fertility care, high-risk obstetrics and minimal access surgery.

There are various conditions that need special Obstetrics and gynaecological care. They range from non-life-threatening chronic disorders to acute emergency conditions. Whichever the case, the medical caregiver needs special equipment for the diagnosis and treatment of the gynaecological conditions.

At USL Medical, we have a wide range of gynaecology instruments for gynaecologists and obstetricians for the care and treatment of the female’s reproductive system. Our gynaecology instruments pregnancy, childbirth and the female’s reproductive system.

Some of the gynaecology instruments in our collection include; diathermy, needles, speculums, swabs, catheters, and general practice equipment.

Browse through our catalogue for all the gynaecology instruments you need for your medical facility. Also, reach out to one of our experts in case of specific requirements.