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Incontinence products and supplies are always needed in large quantities. USL Medical’s clearance specials represent a huge opportunity to stock up on some of the world’s best incontinence brands at discounted prices. 

Since medical supplies like incontinence products have a limited shelf life, it is important to get them moving quickly. As one of the largest medical suppliers in NZ and Australia, we often have large amounts of stock that need to be cleared.

With typically a year or more of shelf life still left in them, these products are perfect for aged-care homes, hospitals, GP practices and home-based caregivers. Some clearance items you can expect in our incontinence category include:

  • Incontinence protective underwear and briefs
  • Incontinence liners and pads
  • Belted incontinence undergarments
  • Incontinence clamps for men
  • Incontinence care products such as skin barrier creams
  • Urinary bladder pads and more.

Browse our range of clearance incontinence products and take advantage of the great discounts for your medical practice or healthcare facility.