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An Endotracheal Tube (ET) is a medical device for intubation of the trachea. It can be inserted either through the nose (nasotracheal) or the mouth (orotracheal) and is used as a pathway for gasses like oxygen and carbon dioxide exchanged between the lungs and an anaesthesia breathing system. 

Endotracheal tubes can either be cuffed or uncuffed. The cuffed ET tubes come with an inflatable portion at one end of the tube that inflates to form a barrier on the tracheal wall to prevent air leakage or sucking in other gastric contents in the system. The uncuffed ET tubes are ideal for paediatric patients.

There are various ET tubes depending on the patient's condition and the procedure. For example, you can opt for a reinforced ET tube when healing from surgery in the head or the neck to avoid unnecessary body bending, allowing proper surgical access. The ET tubes are also used for cardiac arrest, pneumonia and emergency care. 

The USL Medical selection of ET tubes includes disposable, pre-assembled, cuffed, uncuffed and latex-free ET tubing options.