Portex Ivory Soft Seal Cuffed Endotracheal Tube

  • Code: SM100179050

  • Unit: 


The Portex Ivory cuffed ET tube is designed for nasal intubations and it made with a material that is softer than standard PVC. 

  • One way valve for inflation and deflation of cuff
  • Large pilot balloon clearly shows when cuff is inflated
  • An intubation depth marker is located 3cm proximal to the cuff to assist in the accurate placement of the tip within the trachea
  • Ivory PVC reduces risk of trauma to the nasal passage
  • Large cuff diameter offers an effective seal
  • Intended to reduce movement relative to trachea during ventilation
  • When deflated, cuff conforms closely to tube which is intended to reduce the risk of trauma during intubation and extubation
Code Description Unit
SM100179050 5.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179055 5.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179060 6.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179065 6.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179070 7.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179075 7.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179080 8.0mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179085 8.5mm EACH Add to quote
SM100179090 9.0mm EACH Add to quote