Ankle Level 1

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Ankle Level 1

The ankle brace is one of the most versatile ankle support products for medical or sports treatments. Ankle level braces are ideal for general light-foot support needs. It can be worn for preventative use in sports, supporting ankles suffering from recurring swelling and foot osteoarthritis.

There are various designs of the Ankle Level 1 braces depending on the situation and requirement. For example, USL Medical has a bioskin standard ankle skin for medical-grade compression and light-foot and ankle support. The Donjoy Forlitax elastic ankle brace is ideal for mild ankle and foot osteoarthritis, while the Zamst Filmsta works like an ankle support strap. 

These ankle braces work such that they reduce inversion of the ankle while allowing movement. They are meant to fit in either leg and can have additional straps for better compression and support. They are made with materials such as nylon, polyester, polyurethane and elastane.

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