ABPI Monitor

ABPI Monitor

An ABPI Monitor is an ABI screening device used to accurately diagnose the Ankle Brachial Pressure Index (ABPI) without having to rest before the test. The device is one of the fastest of its kind as it uses three simultaneous cuffs providing results less than 1 minute after application.

Compared to the manual Doppler method, the ABPI monitor improves patient safety while also saving time and money with its unique lightweight battery-powered system. 

As well as the ABPI reading, the device is also used for measuring blood pressure and heart rate. The different colour-coded cuffs come with clear guidelines to ensure ease of use and accuracy. 

Being battery powered, the device is portable and can run approximately 50 readings from a single recharge. It delivers comprehensive cardiovascular assessment through accurate measurements even when the patient is yet to display symptoms.

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