Medical electrodes are used to transfer ionic energy currents in the body into electrical currents which are then amplified, studied and used for diagnosis. These electrodes allow for the quantification of internal ionic currents which enables non-invasive tests for various muscular, nervous, cardiac and ocular disorders which at any other time would require surgical means to confirm their presence.

Medical electrodes are generally easy to use, affordable and sterilisable, providing accurate results when required. The electrodes ensure proper electrical contact between the patients and the measuring and recording devices.

These electrodes contain lead, electrode conducting paste or gel and other metals. They can be segmented into various groups including reusable, disposable, saline-based and headbands.

The rising incidence of neurological and cardiovascular disorders in recent times has led to the increasing growth in the medical electrodes.

Ellman is one of the leading producers of reusable and single-use medical electrodes - available through USL Medical.