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A Doppler machine is an ultrasound device used to monitor an embryo’s heartbeat. There’s always a feeling of anxiousness for newly expectant mothers which is why you need a reliable doppler to monitor the baby's heartbeat.

The doppler detects frequency changes from the womb which it turns into sound. It then provides an audible simulation of the heartbeat which is then displayed in beats per minute. The doppler is an ideal device for mothers looking for peace of mind.

While there are rental doppler options, buying one is ideal for convenience. Various online stores have hand-held dopplers you can use to monitor your baby’s heart rate. There are also the medical-grade dopplers found at the clinic which you can use from time to time.

For the best fetal doppler, trust reputable suppliers. USL Medical has a wide range of top quality dopplers and accessories from leading manufacturers from all over the world.