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Clothing Protectors

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Clothing Protectors

For those unable to provide full support, feeding patients who are unable to eat can be a challenge. If anything happens to your clothes, you'll be prepared for the inevitable stains. Changing one's clothing time after time is not a sustainable practice. That's why it's essential to use clothing guards. While eating, the clothes are protected from spills, thanks to the projectors. They're made of durable, quick-drying fabric, so they're easy to clean.

In addition, the fabric has an impermeable backing to guard against liquid spills. Some are also disposable and don't need to be cleaned after each use, making them more environmentally friendly. During use, clothing protectors have a hook and loop closure or snaps that can be changed to keep them in place. They are easy to put on or take off and come in different sizes, shapes, and colors.

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