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At times when you don't require a full glove to protect your hands during medical procedures, finger cots will be the solution. A finger cot helps protect the fingers during various medical examinations. They are made to help prevent moisture or dirt from contacting stitches, abrasions or cuts. 

You can also use the finger cots to protect an injured finger when performing various activities like typing. The massage therapists can also use the cot to prevent the massage oils from entering any abrasions or cuts on the fingers.

There are various designs of finger cots available depending on the situation. You can go for the disposable finger cots made of rubber that feels like you are not wearing anything at all. We also have anodised-aluminium made finger cots with padded splints for comfortable finger support. 

With the right finger cot, you won’t have to worry about carefully looking after your injured finger. Contact USL Medical today for all your finger protection needs.