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Cold Therapy

Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is a tried-and-true method of relieving pain, especially in cases of muscle injury or surgery recovery. With the help of an elastic bandage, you can secure an ice pack in place. Coolant sprays, ice packs, whirlpools, ice massage, and ice baths can all be used as forms of cold therapy. Gel or ice packs are used for a cold therapy at home and are kept in the freezer until needed.

Sprains, runners' knees, tendonitis, arthritis pain, swelling or pain under a cast or a splint, and lower back pain can all be treated with this therapy. An active pain management option lowers the skin temperature, decreases nerve activity, and decreases swelling and pain.

As far as cold therapy equipment is concerned, the options are virtually endless at USL Medical. Cuff/cryo tube assembly, ankle cuff, cuff foot, cuff elbow, coolers, shoulder knee, and foot cold therapy cuffs are some of the items in our inventory.

USL Medical has everything you need for cold therapy.