Medical consumables are the products used for daily medical practice activities. They make all the difference in medical care as they ensure efficiency in diagnosis, treatment and recovery.

Most of the medical consumables are disposable and cannot be shared between patients. Still, there are some of them that cannot be disposed of like scissors. These are sterilised after use then kept for future use.

Following the spread of the COVID-19 and other infections, much more attention now goes to medical consumables than ever. You need the right consumables to keep you and the patients from the risk of infection.

The medical consumables protect from airborne pathogens and harsh liquids that would affect the healthcare workers. They also remove toxins and chemicals to keep the air fresh.

At USL Medical it is our pride to provide you with the widest range of medical consumables. Among our products include; anaesthetics, cotton wools, cleaning products, hip protection, feeding devices, infection control, needles, razors, and many more.

We have an exhaustive list of medical consumables you can ever need for your medical facility. Contact us today for guidance on purchasing all the medical supplies you need.