Surgical Drapes

Surgical Drapes

The role of medical fabrics and drapes in surgical and medical procedures cannot be understated. They help to maintain the sterility of surgical sites and prevent infection, which is why top performance surgical drapes that are impervious to fluids, bacteria and viruses are absolutely essential.

At USL Medical, we supply a wide range of surgical drapes. These are designed by manufacturers both local and international, made to the highest standards. You can order single-use (disposable) or multiple-use (reusable) surgical drapes, depending on your needs and budget.

Our wide range of surgical drapes includes:

  • Sterile drape towels for minor surgical or other procedures
  • Fenestrated, self-adhesive drapes for surgical procedures, such as abdominal surgery
  • Extremity drapes, extra long to cover extremities such as hands and legs; also fenestrated
  • Aperture drapes of different kinds.

All these drapes are available in single, two, or three-ply configurations. They are impervious, absorbent, highly foldable and the best of them are designed for easy aseptic application. Whatever type of surgical drapes you need, order them now at USL Medical.