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CTG Monitors

CTG Monitors

Cardiography (CTG) is used to monitor a baby’s heart rate and a mother’s contraction during pregnancy. It is used before birth and during labour to monitor any signs of distress. Doctors can then use the baby’s heartbeat information to determine how they are coping.

CTG monitors are the devices used during the CTG process. They use sound waves called ultrasound to detect the baby‘s heart rate. The ultrasound is transmitted to the monitor for reading by the medical caregiver.

In CTG monitoring, a special type of ultrasound called a Doppler is used to measure the moving structures and for monitoring the baby’s heart rate. CTG monitoring can also be used to measure the mother’s contractions based on how tense the tummy is. 

The rise in technology has led to improvement in the CTG monitors for more accurate results. USL Medical has the best quality CTG monitors and accessories available in the market from a wide range of reputable brands.