Comprehensive Medical Support

Education and training

USL Medical continues to invest in developing education and training for those working in the aged and primary care sectors. New initiatives in our education and training offering include:

  • Cyclical programme - minimum requirements and attendance by facility, reported on and reviewed
  • Tailored training based on individual facility and staff requirements
  • Offsite seminars
  • Hartmann online e-learning modules

USL offers a number of educational options covering continence management and wound care.

Training modules for continence and wound care are delivered in conjunction with workshops and ensure hands-on interactive activities to encourage attendees to apply their learning on return to their work place.

All modules are completed with an attendance certificate for continuing education hours and an evaluation for feedback from attendees to enable USL Medical to follow an evaluation analysis process to tailor-make training specific to each facility, and ensure we meet the needs of the facility and its staff.

In-servicing is available to provide assistance and learning about product usage and application along with troubleshooting discussions with attendees.

E-learning opportunities

E-learning on the Hartmann website is available for staff to work online towards their professional development hours as they complete each module. Hartmann e-learning offers 50 online courses providing a complete solution for training needs. Self-paced online courses offer convenience of on demand access to education modules which cover continence management and wound care. This enables staff to increase their knowledge levels and keep themselves up to date with clinical education and product training.  

Regular education of all staff is essential to ensure products are used correctly and cost-effectively. USL Medical has developed training presentations that support the Dressing Tool Box. (Click off to Resources page) These modules cater for different levels of clinical experience and are pitched and delivered accordingly.

USL Medical is aware of the commitment that healthcare professionals make to their patients every day. Our obligation can be no less rigorous. It is our responsibility to provide training in the use of our agency products to every caregiver in every clinic.

We manage successful training in-services and seminars in the following: 

  • Continence
  • Wound care
  • Suturing
  • Sterilisation and infection control

Certificates of Attendance are issued to all attendees.

Inventory management systems

USL can provide customers with an inventory management system to assist in the management of stock. The basic framework for these solutions is as follows:

  • Managed by Account Manager and Stock Replenishment Team member
  • USL Medical sets up an order template with customer
  • Ordering based on approved min/max levels
  • USL will count, order and replenish stock levels based on min/max requirements
  • If required, we can also include a sign off procedure prior to the order being placed with USL Medical

The advantages of this systems are:

  • Nurses will spend less time managing stock, in turn allowing them to focus on core activities
  • Money is not tied up in redundant stock on shelves
  • Order placement is immediate. Delivery is within 24 hours (depending on the time of the placed order)

* Full inventory management systems may not be suitable for all facilities and clinics. USL work with customers to implement a system tailored to their needs.

Web based inventory management solution

Managed by either clinical or administrative staff and the USL Account Manager, this is an option currently under development that will give clinics ownership of their inventory management system:

  • USL Medical, in consultation with our customer, sets up a web based template for ordering, whereby the order of products in the template mirrors the layout of the products on the shelf/in storage areas  
  • Tablets can be used to enter orders while physically in the stock cupboard. This provides the following:
    • Immediate cost of the order
    • Transaction history
    • Order tracking
    • Backorder overview
    • Ordering templates
    • No re-keying of orders at a PC