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Beds & Bed Movers

Beds & Bed Movers

Hospital beds can be large and heavy, making them hard to move. Bed movers help make this job easier, eliminating injuries that may otherwise arise from this process.

Successful hospital bed moving requires all bed components to move. Not only are you moving a patient but also often various fragile and high-value medical equipment and medications.

A high-quality bed mover is required to ensure easy and safe bed movement in your medical facility. It is an attachment that you include on the bed to help navigate it through high foot traffic, in/out of lifts and corridors. It reduces noise, simplifies the moving process while increasing efficiency.

Are you looking for bed movers for your medical facility? Browse through our range of bed movers for a variety of standard hospital bed frames. We source reliable bed movers that are safe and easy to use, suitable for most manual and electric beds in medical care facilities.