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Odours and smells are common in medical facilities. As long as you handle body wastes like blood, urine, feces and sweat, you are assured that a foul smell must come about. However, you don't have to brave all this. You can make your hospital more welcoming and fresh by using air freshener.

At USL Medical, we have a wide range of air freshener sprays that effectively and efficiently control odours within your washroom and facility. Our sprays contain concentrated fragrance oils and odour neutralising agents. This help eliminates unpleasant smells and provides long-lasting freshness.

The fresh air provides an ideal environment for the medical caregivers to operate hence being able to give the best medical experience. The patients will also feel more comfortable and respond better to medication.

Are you shopping for air freshener sprays? Look no further than USL Medical. We have a wide range of odour eliminator drops and air freshener dispensers and sprays for a fresher medical facility. Our supplies are non-irritants and have no adverse effects.