Thoracic Catheter

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Thoracic Catheter

Something as simple as the catheter has come a long way. At USL Medical, we are happy to bring you some of the most innovative, modern catheters in the world. 

We have the latest in soft thoracic catheters with tubing made of soft thermosensitive PVC. This increases patient comfort with effectiveness and efficiency you can trust. 

We also have trocar catheters for easy insertions. Like most of our high-quality catheters, our trocar catheters are radiopaque and calibrated from the distal end to permit easy and verifiable placement. 

Other catheter options you can order from USL Medical include:

  • Chest drainage catheters of all sizes, from 10FR to 32FR
  • Straight chest drainage catheters for hospital use
  • Angled and straight-single central venous chest drainage catheters
  • All thoracostomy procedure tray kits and sets

The manufacturers we have partnered with, such as Portex, ensure the highest standards of handling with sterile individual packaging. Our kits also come with all the connectors necessary for quick procedures. Thanks to our experience and reputation, we know you can trust us to fulfil any order of thoracic catheters.