Intravenous is the process of administering fluids or medicine through a tube or needle inserted in the vein, allowing it to enter the bloodstream straight away. Fluids can be given through this means due to various reasons, but whatever the case, there is a need to control the amount given.

Common uses of intravenous medication include treatment of infection using antibiotics, chemotherapy drugs for cancer treatment, rehydration management following excess activity or some conditions and certain medications for pain management.

The medical professional who administers intravenous medication must regulate the flow and delivery of the dosage either manually or by using an electric pump. 

The fluids used in most cases contain sugar, electrolytes or medications, all placed within the necessary dosage as recommended by the doctor. The quantity of the intravenous fluid administered depends on age, body size and medical condition.

Given the delicate nature of the intravenous processes, there are various accessories used to ensure accuracy and precision. This includes administration sets, extension sets, scalp vein sets, control tubing and other accessories.

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