Arterial Blood Sampling

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Arterial Blood Sampling

Arterial blood sampling is taking blood from an artery to look at the concentration of certain gases in the blood. People who work in the health field can only do an arterial blood gas analysis. There are many ways to get a blood sample at the arterial blood collection. For example, you can put a catheter in your blood vessel or puncture your blood vessel with an injection.

The syringes used are already heparinized, so they don't come into contact with the air. That keeps blood gas components from changing. The blood gas analysis is very important when planning and changing patient treatment options because it can help people who are very sick with things like kidney disease, heart disease, and uncontrolled diabetes.

The test helps ensure that the body is getting the right amount of gas. It can also show that there are problems with the heart, kidneys, lungs, or metabolism. Because arterial blood sampling is so important, the medical caregiver needs to use high-quality tools. At USL Medical, we have a wide range of blood-testing equipment used in any medical setting. Syringes, pressure transducers, needles, and holders are some of them.

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