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Compreflex Inelastic Wraps

Compreflex Inelastic Wraps

Compression wraps are low stretch bandages made from soft, inelastic materials wrapped tightly around the lower forearm or lower leg. They are wrapped then secured with a band or hook for fastening. Their elasticity means one can choose the appropriate compression level needed, reducing swelling while increasing circulation around a given spot. 

Compression wraps have many strong traits and qualities that make them a preferred choice for medical practitioners. They provide easy application, instant compression adjustability, can be worn both day and night and have higher containment for larger limbs.

The range of Compreflex inelastic wraps is one of the leading brands for compression wraps. They come in a variety of types accommodating different body parts and conditions. These conditions include vein diseases, venous leg ulcers treatment and other conditions.

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