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Ear Wicks

Ear Wicks

Proper treatment for ear problems has a major impact on the quality of your life as it relieves symptoms such as pain, itching, smelly discharge and hearing loss. Most of the ear problems can be sorted with medical treatment such as ear drops. However, at times the ear can be swollen so much, leaving no space for the ear drops. That is where the ear wicks come in.

The ear wick is used to access the ears when the ear canal skin is so swollen following a severe infection making it impossible to apply antibiotic ear drops. The ear wicks ensure access to the inner ears and then remains inside for a few days for continual medication. 

Ear wicks are hard when placed in the ear, then soften and expand once it gets moistened. The ear wicks are easy to insert and can be returned by the patient in case they drop off. While there’s always the concern of additional bacteria getting into the ear through the ear wicks, it can be stopped by continual antibacterial application.

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