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Ear Wicks

Ear Wicks

Treating ear problems successfully can have major benefits on the quality of life, relieving troublesome symptoms such as pain, itching, smelly discharge and hearing loss. Many ear problems can be resolved with medical treatment such as ear drops. However, at times of severe swelling, ear wicks become the preferred form of treatment.

The ear wick is used to access the ear when the ear canal skin is swollen from severe infection, mitigating the effectiveness of antibiotic ear drops. The ear wick allows access to the inner ear, remaining inside for a few days of continual medication. 

Ear wicks are hard when placed in the ear, then soften and expand in contact with moisture. The ear wicks are easy to insert and can be re-inserted by the patient if required. The continual antibacterial application then prevents additional bacteria from getting into the ear.

USL Medical are a trusted supplier of high-quality ear wicks, used extensively throughout New Zealand.