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Intraosseous infusion involves injecting medications, blood products or fluids directly into the marrow of a bone. It is a rapid and safe method to access the vascular and the central nervous system. It is ideal for use in critically ill patients who need rapid access for stabilisation. For example, it is an ideal access method in case of cardiac arrest and IO placement for critically ill patients - both children and adults.

The intraosseous infusion is a life-saving procedure as it ensures timely medical administration in emergency situations. However, it also comes with various possible complications like failure to enter the bone marrow, through and through penetration of the bone, epiphyseal plate injury and local infections. 

To avoid these potential complications, you need high-quality intraosseous bone injection equipment. USL Medical has some excellent products to use during these procedures. This includes the intraosseous bone injection gun, GO-IO kit and training kit.

Contact USL Medical for intraosseous supply products for the best care for your patients.