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USL Medical welcomes you to explore our extensive range of chest tubes for drainage of air and fluid in the thoracic cavity. For drainage of fluid from both pleural and pericardial spaces, we stock and supply all types and sizes of chest tubes. 

Options available today include trocar catheters, Seldinger catheters, small-bore and large-bore chest tubes and more. 

Available in several configurations, our chest drain tubing comes from leading manufacturers in the industry for assured quality, sterility and modern innovations. We have soft PVC and silicone tubing and radiopaque, specifically designed for easy placement and efficient drainage. 

Our small-bore chest tubing ensures minimal invasiveness and maximum patient comfort and all our chest drainage tubing sets come with every component necessary for quick and efficient placement. 

Whether you need chest drainage tubing for surgical, post-operative care, emergency or home-based care needs, make your order with USL Medical.