Electrotherapy is pain management used in treating certain diseases like blood flow, incontinence, joint mobility, tissue repair, neuromuscular dysfunction and oedema.

Electrotherapy has been established to be effective in pain management, relaxing muscle spasms, increasing blood circulation and promoting bone growth. It also helps in increasing the range of motion and providing relief from post-surgical and post-traumatic acute pain. It is an ideal post-surgical stimulant when looking to avoid venous thrombosis.

Electrotherapy relieves pain by sending mild electrical impulses to a given body part thus blocking or interrupting the nerve pain signals, lowering the pain. It works best for nerve pain like upper and lower back pain, numbness and tingling and muscle weakness.

There are multiple electrotherapy devices for a range of procedures. Our range of electrotherapy equipment includes ultrasound applicators, gel, rubber and stick electrodes, mobile interferential units, replacement leads and portable stimulators.

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