Airway management is the leading priority in both basic and advanced life support. Airway management devices are used in managing difficult intubation, anaesthesia and breathing. It encompasses various equipment such as ET tubes, suction units, laryngoscope blades and handles. 

USL Medical is the leader in airway management products. It has a wide range of airway management equipment including Hudson Airway, I-Gel Supraglottic, Portex Barman Airway, Fibre Optic Blades and more. 

Airway management equipment also helps maintain an obstructed oropharyngeal airway for general anaesthesia in unconscious patients. They also come with bite blocks that help avoid tongue biting and airway occlusion. 

USL Medical can assist anaesthesia providers with airway management products for patients with difficulty in breathing. It has an assortment of standard and conventional laryngoscopes that are ideal for the intubation of an endotracheal tube into a patient’s trachea for airway passage.  

USL Medical is the place for your airway management equipment solutions.