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Are you a hospital practitioner, GP, or healthcare professional? Are you looking for highly discounted medical equipment? USL Medical brings you these clearance specials from our massive inventory. 

At USL Medical, our business is to source the best, most innovative medical equipment from manufacturers around the world for facilities across NZ and Australia. However, our huge inventory often leads to surplus and ageing stock, much of which is found here!

We have high-quality, highly-discounted medical equipment of all types and variety. Examples include:

  • Equipment for medical examination
  • Surgical equipment
  • Care and monitoring equipment
  • Ambulance and emergency equipment
  • Pathology and laboratory equipment
  • Ophthalmology and optometry equipment and more.

Given how expensive medical equipment tends to be, it's a huge opportunity to cut costs and pass on the savings to your patients. Even if what you need is not available today, it may be in the future as our clearance items are constantly changing.

Get in touch with our expert team at USL Medical to find out more about our clearance specials.