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CTG equipment is easily one of the most important pieces of obstetrics equipment to be found in any maternity room. As a highly effective yet non-invasive procedure to monitor the baby’s health and uterine contractions, CTG allows health professionals to vastly improve the quality of care and outcomes of the delivery procedure.

At USL Medical, we are uncompromising about the quality and innovativeness of the CTG equipment we supply. High-end analysis of CTG signals is essential, as well as top-notch sensitivity and automatic operation.

We also put a premium on features such as ease of use and interpretation of results. In the high-pressure environment of a delivery room, we understand that there is no room for second-guessing. That’s why we only supply CTG equipment from the most reliable and reputable brands around the world.

Whatever you need in terms of CTG monitoring equipment and supplies here in NZ and AU, browse the range at USL Medical or get in touch with us for any special orders. We ensure special and affordable prices for all our esteemed customers, always!