Disinfectants & Detergents

Disinfectants & Detergents

Proper hygiene and cleanliness are crucial in every medical facility. Given that medical facilities are prone to contaminations from pathogens and other microorganisms and germs, you have to invest in the best cleaning equipment. That is why you are better off purchasing disinfectants and detergents for cleaning the medical equipment and surfaces.

You have to be careful when choosing the cleaning products you use in your medical facility. Most of the traditional cleaning products have proven to come with several human and environmental concerns. They cause poor indoor air quality and also contain chemicals that can cause reproductive disorders, cancer, eye and skin irritation and other human health issues.

Some of the products might also contain bioaccumulative and toxic chemicals that are hazardous to the environment.

At USL Medical, we understand all the concerns that come with using toxic cleaning chemicals. That is why our experts ensure all the detergents and disinfectants in our stock are environmentally friendly, user-friendly and WorkSafe friendly. We have multipurpose cleaning products for all your surfaces and equipment.

Browse our catalogue for the ideal disinfectant at some of the best rates in the market.