Cohesive Bandage

Cohesive Bandage

The type of bandage used after a surgery determines how comfortable you'll feel when healing. A quality cohesive bandage is designed to ensure exactly that. It's a self-adhering bandage that adheres only to itself and not the skin or other surfaces. 

The cohesive bandage is a popular choice as it does not stick to the skin or hair while providing compression. It is, therefore, easy and less painful to remove. The effectiveness of the cohesive bandage makes it widely used in numerous situations.

Cohesive bandages also come in a variety of colours, provide reliable elasticity and are durable enough to provide the protection required. 

The USL Medical cohesive bandage comes with controlled compression. They will not constrict, have superior adhesion with high-level protection and are easy to remove. We have a number of top-quality options of cohesive bandages such as Co-plus, Coban, Lastopress and Peha Haft. 

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