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Honey Dressings

Honey Dressings

Honey has long been used to treat wounds as antibacterial properties have been found in it. Fungi and bacteria can't stand a chance against it, for they also contain various healing bioactive molecules. Honey is a hygroscopic material. Because of this, a moist environment is created at the wound site. That creates the ideal conditions for healing to take place.

Honey dressings are available at USL Medical in a variety of flavors. The healing properties of honey are incorporated into our dressings. Our dressing formulations have anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and antibacterial properties. For pain and swelling reduction, they work. They will contribute to the creation of a healing environment.

Shop our honey dressings and discover a wide range of honey dressings. Our dressings range from antibacterial honey ointments to sterile honey adhesive dressings. Shop our selection to find honey dressings designed for different applications. Our selection includes dressings that are known for their effectiveness. You can shop with the confidence that any product you purchase here at USL will be a high-quality product.

Shop our selection of honey dressings to find the products that will work best for your application. Get in touch with us with any inquiries about our products or placing an order.